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Trinitarian meditation

I compiled the prayer during my morning devotions as I felt the need to focus my mind on the Trinity and the interaction within it. It is closer to poetry than prose, this is deliberate it wants to have a sense of dance behind it. It references various Bible references, theological ideas and other Christian […]

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Quote – From one of St Augustine’s Sermons

So now my bretheren, let us sing, not to delight our leisure, but to ease our toil. In the way that travellers are in the habit of singing, sing but keep on walking. What does it mean “keep on walking”? Go onward always – but go onward in goodness, for there are, according to the […]

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Holiday Nostalgia, Journeying and the Path Ahead

Sometimes something makes me reflect on the impact of past events. One such is that Facebook brought to my notice that Journeying is thirty years old next year. That struck a note with me because the first holiday I went on with what was then Pilgrim Adventure was on their tend anniversary. That means that […]

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So what is so holy about being poor?

This is a late addition to a series of posts I made and it is in response to Bishop Philip North’s Hope for the Poor which he gave at New Wine in August. It is a good piece of writing and thought-provoking. I am for urban ministry and if you got this far in this […]

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The Myth of Theocracy

Let me start by saying what this is not about. It is not another debugging of the idea that there existed theocracies anywhere in the world, be it Geneva under Calvin, Scotland under Knox or the Pilgrim Father’s in America. I do not believe they thought that they had a theocracy; it is what others […]

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Ethnographic Reflection on Praying the Rosary

 Background I have been attending St Matthews Carver Street at the evening (6 pm) Mass. I suspect it is done partly as it gives a time the priest can be quite contemplative while praying the Mass and partly so members of St Matthew’s Carver Street who cannot make the morning Mass have another opportunity. Whatever […]

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Full Circle – Advice to young recruits on hot topics

I see the enthusiasm of young people for hot topics: Climate Change, Politics, Immigration etc. I admire it, wish I was not so tired myself but… Over twenty years ago, pre-new Labour, I sat in the Chapter House in Iona late September. The week was the first ever JPIC week. If you are wondering what […]

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Shrove Tide

Between the lighting of a candle and the beating of batter, at the barren bound time when the cold iron air hits the hard flint earth a spark is created that will light the spring fire of the coming year. This poem I published in  “Everything Looks Green From Here” a collection of prose and […]

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Sacred Compass: The Spiritual Way of Discernment by J Brent Bill

This book is written by an American Evangelical Quaker. So there are a number of things that need tackling before getting into the book. I have learnt that while Quakers are often seen in this country as liminal to Christian orthodoxy in the US they come in two varieties. There are those who are theologically […]

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Pilgrim Path

past the water channel that marks the boundary of the arrow-grass salt marsh we finally step out onto mudflats then awkwardly hop about as we remove clumsy boots tie  laces together and hang them from our packs then roll our trousers above the knee in preparation for the traverse cautiously we move trying to avoid […]