The forgotten triad of Effectual Calling or why Justification ain’t complete on its own

I mean how many sermons have you heard on Justification by Faith? I am not really seeking an answer; after all on 500th anniversary of the Reformation this is what the communique released by the Lutherans and the Roman Catholics talked about. It is not just them but Methodist, Reformed and Anglicans. However I want […]

Solitary Walking – a Reformed Spiritual Practice?

This is initial thinking and it is not simple. Firstly, one of the big shocks of my thesis was that the Reformed Spirituality is instinctively Green. It is really weird because the people who are most surprised by this are the Reformed.  The idea that getting out into the natural world is good for the […]

Responding through the tradition

The coupling of powerful ideaswith each able to stir the imaginationthat pull against the otherfalling into no easy resta turbulent route thathas dangerous falls on one sidea whirlpool that will suck us inthere is no quiet water betweenthe only way to move forwardis to use the force of oneto balance the other. Is it surprising […]