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The forgotten triad of Effectual Calling or why Justification ain’t complete on its own

I mean how many sermons have you heard on Justification by Faith? I am not really seeking an answer; after all on 500th anniversary of the Reformation this is what the communique released by the Lutherans and the Roman Catholics talked about. It is not just them but Methodist, Reformed and Anglicans. However I want […]

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Groupings – A historic memory of why

There is a lot of hitting out at groupings suggesting that they are causingdecline at present. I have a memory that goes back to the early days of grouping within the URC, and I think it is time to tell the story of why they originated. I am talking of things that happened in my […]

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You May be United Reformed If

You think the right colour to paint a church is blue Your Church sells Marmalade to raise money Your Church has a walking group On receiving an important document you first proof read it You regularly make soup in large quantities Psalm 23 is ok but nothing compared with the Scottish Psalters version of Psalm […]

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Diversity within the URC

This is part of my response to “Who the Heck are we? Exploring identity within the URC” On the online seminar (Webinar) I heard several people say “We are very diverse”. I want to question that. I have attended ten different URC. These include two in Urban Priority Area and it also includes liberal and […]