2 thoughts on “So what is so holy about being poor?”

  1. thank you for this thought-provoking reflection. Two quite random thoughts:
    a) one difference between the Franciscan model of poverty and that which is imposed upon a person is that in the second instance, money and the need to acquire money becomes so all-absorbing.
    b) can we ever be “one” so long as we identify “the poor” as “them”?

    1. With the first, I agree absolutely. The only codicil is that those who are wealthier often have a tendency to this obsession but it is hidden from us by the different form it takes. The way the Franciscan form frees one from this is a witness to this.

      With the second, I am pulled in two directions at once. On the one hand, we are all citizens of a society with inequalities built into it and it is the duty of us all to seek to change it, not just those disadvantaged by it. The other hand, I do not want to plead ‘all lives matter’ in a case where I have been privileged. We need to acknowledge that there are people who are disadvantaged because of the way wealth gives status within society. I cannot culturally appropriate the experience of those who are disadvantaged by lack of wealth. So while I maintain that the problems of society are ours, yet I do not want to maintain that the suffering does fall on those in poverty unfairly. Those in poverty in society are not fundamentally different from the rest of us but their experience of this society is and separating the two is difficult.

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