Seven Elements of Fellowship in Worship?

This is a reflection comes from a discussion on a URC Facebook page about what amounts to the Fellowship necessary for worship. I am not answering that question directly here but looking at the forms of fellowship that happen during Christian worship. This is a personal piece reflecting on my experience. Firstly in the two… Continue reading Seven Elements of Fellowship in Worship?


A friend posted that she did not have much hope but somehow had to get through the night next Tuesday which is the date of the Presidential election in the United States of America. It has to be seen what will happen and this is not about politics but about hope. It seems to me… Continue reading Hope

Christmas Chocolate Poll

This is mainly for people who get chocolates from me at Christmas. I am thinking I need to make a smaller selection this year as the normal gannet feeding grounds (IT Services Buildings) are closed due to Coronavirus. This means I actually need to be careful over quantities. Also, I expect to be sending out… Continue reading Christmas Chocolate Poll

Jesus Falls and the Magic of Mastery

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. Matthew 5:48 (NRSVA) Confession time; I am a perfectionist. For those that know me and know how hard I drive myself this will come as no surprise. For me, a task is never finished only every abandoned and I have got really good at abandoning tasks… Continue reading Jesus Falls and the Magic of Mastery

Prayer belongs in the Home – A Rant

I am regularly hearing the line that goes something like this “we as Nonconformist do not use our churches for private prayer we do that at home” The implication being that Roman Catholic and Anglo-Catholics only pray in church buildings. I am needing to call you out on this. It is not true, personal devotion… Continue reading Prayer belongs in the Home – A Rant