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To celebrate Ship of Fools tenth annivesary, some members of the Bulletin Boards are attempting to walk 40,000 km (24854.85 miles) or approximately the circumference of the world. This is a purely voluntary effort, we aim to include as many members as possible. These pages are to report on this effort.

The main thread on the boards is at:

Walking Around the World (Main) in All Saints


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The graph below shows that we completed on 40000.46 km (24855.14 miles) to date (24/12/2008 12:10) when Wiff Waff finally sat down for a cup of tea after his bike ride .

We had been going for 269 days, covering an average of 148.97 km (92.57 miles) per day.

The graph below shows that 118 shipmates contributed to this distance

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