South Rhins

I turn south at the isthmus and move into the fog-laden peninsula as I approach scavenging rooks rise from roadkill carcass trees grasp overhead as the road clambers onto the ridge the curlews call from below along the rock-strewn shoreline while in single road villages fuchsias flower on flat-topped walls sparrow crowds cling feeding on […]

List Making

In the time that does not exist between me getting in and having to be out I am planning a list of jobs that I will postpone. This poem I published in  “Scissors, Paper, Shadow, Stone” a collection of prose and poetry from Broomspring Writers in 2012

Ice Ages

Sprite child on sighting snow dances with delight at a miracle not seen before each precious flake hoarded to build an eight inch snowman Students delight in time out of school, vying to build the best igloo or using compressed handfuls in their own power struggles Adult involved in balancing complex priorities, choosing between the […]


Seaward driven by winter’s hunger twig thieving from a barren hedge our headlights capture you a frightened harbinger of snow. I published  a different version of this poem in  “Everything Looks Green From Here” a collection of prose and poetry from Broomspring Writers in 2010

First thoughts on Inclusion in the Civic Culture

Amartya Sen, somewhere in Development as  Freedom, describes a ladder of inclusion in institutions. At the lowest levels are the excluded who are outcasts from the institution and cannot access it.  The first level of inclusion is when you have access but nothing more. The second when you are informed about changes although you have […]